Amazon Sumerian Tutorials – Complete Guide

Amazon Sumerian Tutorials - Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to build a VR, AR, or 3D experience, but just don’t know how you’d even distribute it? Or, are you stuck using your 5-year-old laptop that just can’t quite run Unity, Unreal Engine, or other XR solutions? Still, perhaps you’re just not confident in programming anything for these advanced technologies? Fortunately, … Read more

Setting up an AR Project with EasyAR and Unity

Setting up an AR Project with EasyAR and Unity

You can access the full course here: EasyAR and Marker-Based Apps for Beginners To start this lesson go to File/Build Settings and click Add Open Scenes: Then choose either Android or iOS depending on which platform you are targeting. Once you do that, click the Switch Platform button in the lower right. If this button … Read more

Free eBook – AR Game Development for Beginners

We are proud to announce our new ebook, AR Game Development for Beginners, by industry expert AR developer Morgan McKie and Unity certified developer Daniel Buckley. This eBook will guide you step-by-step in using AR Foundation, ARCore, and ARKit, providing you with the skills needed to create a wide range of augmented reality games and … Read more