Best VR Tutorials for Beginners

Best VR Tutorials for Beginners

Virtual Reality (VR) is a part of an emerging multibillion-dollar market – with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, endless possibilities, high projected growth, and significant opportunities for developers! Once thought of in terms of science fiction and then games, today VR is an essential tool of modern life powering experiences in every industry including … Read more

Creating the World’s First VR Coding App – Zenva Sky

Creating the World's First VR Coding App - Zenva Sky

Code and data are the raw materials that power the innovation economy. With no exception, all verticals in society and business are being reshaped by a new generation of solutions built around algorithms, network effects and ever-growing pools of information. During the last few years, demand for software engineers and data scientists has sky-rocketed. With … Read more

How to Create an Oculus App

Web Class: How to Create an Oculus App

You can access the full course here: Project-Based Oculus Avatars and Platform SDK Oculus App For this project, you’ll need and existing Oculus account. Login to it and navigate to the Developers page. Here, click on the Manage button. This will take you to the My Apps page. If you haven’t setup an organisation yet, it will … Read more

Creating an Underwater Adventure in VR for Oculus Go and Gear VR

VR allows us to explore different environments from the comfort of our homes, and one of these is the ocean. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an underwater VR adventure for the Oculus Go and Gear VR. Project Files The Unity project for this tutorial is available . The following models used … Read more